Bring clients and team together, anytime and anywhere

Business communication closest to real-life meetings

Connect with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Use Meetio for company meetings, workshops, training, seminars, consultations, recruitment and interviews, weekly sales meeting, branch meetings and more

Private and secured communication

Your encrypted data is private and secured in server instance hosted in Australia.  All your meetings, recordings and personal information are secured.

Saves valuable time

Time is money. Hours will never be lost due to the daily commute or travel time. Meetio’s web conferencing solution offers a big value for your business

Simple and Effortless Meetings

Easily schedule meetings and send meeting invitation in few clicks. Attend meeting with HD video and real-time audio as if you are having a real-life meeting

Increased work efficiency anywhere

Hold company meetings, discuss with your clients, teams and partners, regardless of distance. Work from anywhere -cafe, hotel, home, airport, wherever you are.
Why Meetio?

Meetio is a highly specialised multi-user web conferencing platform for anyone. It has amazing features such as reference number tracking, recording, document sharing, email invitation and granular meeting control.

Distance does not matter with Meetio. If your client is located in a different city, region or state, Meetio can help bridge the gap. Save time and cost. Digitally transform your business now with Meetio.

Enjoy a stress-free meeting and give more time with people  you care about.

Meetio was a product of finding ways to maximise time and spend it with more meaningful moments with the people we want to be with

Carefully Crafted Features

We developed an application that will help them grow their business in this modern time.

Reference Number

All meetings and recordings belongs to a reference number. Thus, making the client assessment more meaningful

Dial in

Join meeting via phone using dial-in option when attendee has no internet connection

Video Conferencing

Attend meeting with video and real-time audio as if you are having a real-life meeting

Record and Play

Record and review meetings and update colleagues  and staff who missed the meeting

Meetio helped us to have a productive and efficient meetings with clients across the country
Jeremy Petterson

JP Corporation

Online Meeting

So What’s next?

Make your work life easier with Meetio

We’d love to hear from you to discuss your business’ journey to digital transformation